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Jamaican students are being invited to register for the Elaine Grant-Bryan Foundation’s 2021 career mentorship programme by Thursday, July 8.

The Foundation is the brainchild of Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Elaine Grant-Bryan.

The mentorship programme, which involves partnership with Microsoft and the Atlanta Hawks, is primarily targeted at first and second-year tertiary and final-year high-school students who are pursuing studies in the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) fields.

It allows them to have direct contact with experts and coaches in their areas of interest, who can guide them in their career development and provide opportunities for them to receive scholarships and prizes.

Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Elaine Grant-Bryan, who developed the foundation, told JIS News that the “main reason for the programme is to provide career development opportunities for young persons”.

“So we saw that need and right now, we’re the only programme of its kind [in Georgia] that actually helps students to find internships and to partner them with experts in their fields,” she said.

The programme will have two main sessions covering areas such as career pathway assessment, college tips, real estate lessons, coding and entrepreneurial development.

The first session will be hosted virtually on July 10 and the second on October 16, via the Zoom platform and the Foundation’s social media page.

“By joining the programme [students are] getting the skills that they need, interview skills, résumé writing and being able to meet these experts. In life, when you are trying to develop your career, it’s very difficult to meet these people,” Dr. Grant-Bryan pointed out.

She noted that the students develop long-term relationships with the experts and the foundation has continually followed their progress over the years.

“We know who they are, where they are, what they’re doing, and if they need help, they can ask us,” she said.

Students can register for the programme by calling the Foundation at (404) 943-0905 or using the link http://bit.ly/EBF-MICROSOFT-HAWKS-2021.

The mission of the Dr. Elaine Grant-Bryan Foundation is to improve the achievement of students by providing education, empowerment and mentorship services while inspiring them to dream big and connecting them with opportunities.


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