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To further build institutional capacity in the execution of public sector transformation, $30 million has been allocated in the 2012/13 Estimates of Expenditure, currently before the House of Representatives.

The bulk of the funds, $22 million, will go towards facilitating institutional capacity strengthening of the Public Sector Transformation Unit to establish the shared corporate service modality.

It will also facilitate a leadership development and change management training programme to: effect communication across the public sector and civil society regarding the transformation initiative and status; and formulate the delivery of training to approximately 300 identified change management agents to effect the transformation.

Another $6 million of the sum will be used for the installation of an energy saving solution to reduce expenditure on electricity consumption by the Office of the Cabinet; and the installation of a drainage system.

The remaining sum will go towards covering administrative expenses such as compensation of employees; rental of property, machinery and equipment; public utility services; and purchases of equipment and other goods and services.

The Public Sector Transformation Programme is being carried out by the Cabinet Office.


By Alecia Smith-Edwards, JIS Reporter

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