JIS News

Cabinet has approved a proposal to restrict public sector entities from relocating their downtown Kingston offices.
Addressing journalists at the (Nov. 21) post-Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, Information Minister, Olivia Grange said this move is in keeping with “the commitment of the government of Jamaica to ensure the comprehensive and integrated redevelopment of downtown”.
According to the Minister, the restriction applies to all ministries, agencies and department of government including executive agencies, statutory bodies, local government authorities, public enterprises, and government companies.
Minister Grange said that applications for an exemption from this restriction should be made to Cabinet “by means of a submission that fully articulates a reasonable justification to warrant approval of an exemption”.
In the meantime, Cabinet has awarded a contract to Diving and Salvaging Limited in the sum of $107 million to carry out rehabilitation works on the Petrojam Offshore Dock, formerly the ESSO Kingston Terminal.
“The Petrojam Offshore Dock is a marine docking facility, which when repaired, will be used to off load fuel and other products for transport to Montego Bay and for the importation of raw material, crude oil and finished products,” Miss Grange explained.
“It is expected to alleviate congestion at Petrojam’s existing docks resulting in savings of up to 75 per cent of demurrage cost,” she informed.
Cabinet also approved an additional $6,676,439.00 to Surrey Paving and Aggregate Company Limited to carry out additional works to widen a section of the Constant Spring Road in the Corporate Area.
Miss Grange explained that this additional sum is to undertake work for the “protection of an exposed concrete culvert pipe, which was underneath the demolished sidewalk at road level.”
In addition, Trans-Jamaica Highway has been awarded a contract to carry out further rehabilitation and improvements work on Marcus Garvey Drive to alleviate traffic congestion along that road way.
“The requisite funding of US$9.1 million will be advanced by the National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC) and shall be subsequently recovered from Trans-Jamaica Highway,” the Information Minister told journalists.