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    Mayor of Portmore, Keith Hinds has expressed his expectation that ground will be broken soon for the proposed Portmore Municipal Hospital. The Mayor told JIS News that he has been advised that all the necessary provisions have been put in place for the start of the first phase of construction.
    “The developers have told me that they are ready and willing to go,” he said, adding that a approval is now being awaited from Cabinet for the acquisition of the land.
    Pointing out that he had received assurances that funding was in place, the Mayor indicated that the project would cost approximately US$200 million, with half of that sum needed for the first phase.
    Meanwhile, he expressed the hope that this phase of the project would run simultaneously with the construction of a municipal building, in order to absorb the talents of skilled artisans.
    “It would really utilise some of the skills we have lying idle in Portmore and we really want to put these people to work because I believe if you put people to work you cut crime and we have a lot of carpenters, masons and labourers,” he added.
    Mayor Hinds also disclosed that since he became Chairman of the Council he has been writing to several international contacts to assist with the development of Portmore.
    “On the 26th of this month the Chinese Ambassador will be spending the day in Portmore and we also have had an informal discussion with the Ambassador of Canada looking at maybe getting a fire truck and an ambulance. We’re also partnering with the business sector because we cannot depend on the municipality alone so we’re looking to partner with persons to build a better and safer Portmore for all our residents,” he told JIS News.

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