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Starting this Wednesday (January 30), Jamaicans will be given an opportunity to interact with Prime Minister Bruce Golding, who will host his new one-hour radio call-in programme – Jamaica House Live with Prime Minister Bruce Golding. The programme is part of the Government’s thrust to open the lines of communication and to hear suggestions, comments and general feedback from Jamaicans, both home and abroad. Additionally, it will provide the forum for Government to report on its stewardship in implementing policies and programmes to improve the lives of the citizens.
Jamaica House Live with Prime Minister Bruce Golding, which is to be aired on the last Wednesday of each month, will be carried live between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on several radio stations: RJR 94 FM, Nationwide Radio Digital AM; Love 101 FM; Hot 102; KLAS FM and Roots FM.
Audio streaming of the call-in programme will also be provided on the Jamaica Information Service website at
The Prime Minister’s call-in programme is being developed and produced by the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports and the JIS, and is being aired by the radio stations in time provided for special government broadcasts.
The Prime Minister may be reached at the following numbers during the programme: 960-7739, 960-9853, 968-2019, 926-7527.
A link to Jamaicans in the Diaspora is being facilitated by the Jamaica National Building Society. The numbers from the United Kingdom are 207-708-6670 and 207-708-6672, while the numbers from the United States and Canada are 954-535-5761 and 305-597-7940.

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