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Prime Minister Bruce Golding provided Parliament today (February 8) with copies of a February 4 letter from Gorstew Ltd stating that the company is discontinuing a US$28.9 million legal claim against four Government agencies in matters relating to the Sandals Whitehouse hotel.

Mr. Golding had informed Parliament last week that he would provide proof of the withdrawal of the claim today.

"I had announced that I had word from Gordon "Butch" Stewart that his company would be withdrawing the claims against the government agencies, I pointed out at that time that the sale and the withdrawal were two separate issues, indeed the sale was agreed on even before we became aware, of the decision to withdraw the claims," Mr. Golding said.

The letter from Gorstew also said that the company expected that counter claims filed against it will be dropped.

The letter noted that as Gorstew awaited the Sandals Whitehouse hotel sale agreement, it intends to develop a championship golf course, restore the Auchindown historical site and construct an aerodrome in Westmoreland.


Issued by: The Office of Prime Minister