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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has commended Dr. Carlton Davis for what he described as his ‘infinite patriotism to Jamaica’, which has seen him dedicate 40 years of service to the public sector. Dr. Davis retired from the public sector recently and was recognized for his outstanding service at a farewell function hosted by Mr. Golding at Jamaica House.
Mr. Golding said that despite some of the challenges which Dr. Davis no doubt encountered during his tenure in the public sector, it was remarkable that he had remained all these years. He said this could be attributed to his dedication and commitment. He said Dr. Davis was not just working in the public sector, but that he contributed significantly to improving the quality of the service, by placing emphasis on efforts to modernize and improve efficiency in terms of the delivery of government service.
Pointing to the contribution Dr. Davis has made in agencies such as the Scientific Research Council and the Jamaica Bauxite Institute, especially in relation to the shaping of the bauxite sector, Mr. Golding said the public sector would be poorer for loosing him, but richer for having had the benefit of his long years of service. He said Dr. Davis’ assistance would still be required in a number of areas, particularly in finding a solution to the energy crisis and the repositioning of science and technology.
In his remarks, Ambassador Douglas Saunders, the newly appointed Cabinet Secretary and head of the public service, said Dr. Davis’ substantial accomplishments have left an indelible mark on the sector. He said the public service has benefited immensely from his wise counsel and guidance and that, to build on his legacy would be a most fitting tribute.
In his response, Dr. Carlton Davis said professionalism should be the benchmark by which the public service is judged. He said public servants should give the best opinion that they can and not let other things get in the way. He said that over the years he has tried to inculcate this into those persons with whom he has worked.
The retired Cabinet Secretary was also toasted by Dr. Paris Ayee-Leyow, current head of the Jamaica Bauxite Institute. Guests included several government ministers, the Leader of the Opposition, and Opposition spokesman for Finance, Dr Omar Davies, Permanent Secretaries and heads of various agencies of government. Dr. Davis’ parents and other members of his family were also in attendance.

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