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KINGSTON — Prime Minister Bruce Golding has challenged public sector workers to help to accelerate the projections of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and to assist in improving the labour productivity of the country.

Speaking at the Signing of the public sector wage agreement between the Government and public sector groups at Jamaica House on July 7, the Prime Minister said, “the faster the gross domestic product moves is not only the sooner we can talk serious business at the bargaining table but also the circumstances and experiences financially and economically will be better for public sector workers to enjoy."

He said that achieving an increase in the GDP will have to be aligned with improving the productivity of the public sector.

“It is a matter of considerable distress to us that labour productivity in Jamaica has declined almost consistently every year for the last 30 years. What that is saying is that we as workers are not as productive as our parents and grandparents were 30 years ago."

PM Golding said it should be recognized that the fall in labour productivity cannot be attributed solely to labour because labour functions within a context that deals with management, technology, and a whole range of things. He added that the  focus should be on trying different strategies from the ones of the past so labour production will be improved not only in the public sector but right across the country.

Mr. Golding said despite the myth that public sector workers are inefficient, they are critical to how the economy performs. He commended the public sector workers for their hard work and said he is impressed with the quality of the workers who he said were the equal of private sector workers.

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