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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has received reports from various monitoring agencies of government with respect to legislations governing their activities and how their capability to detect and prevent corruption might be strengthened.
The Prime Minister had requested the review by the agencies at a meeting held recently at Jamaica House. Arising from the submission of reports, Mr. Patterson will convene a meeting with Permanent Secretaries, Board Chairpersons and Chief Executive Officers in the public sector on Friday May 13.
At the meeting held at Jamaica House on May 3, Mr. Patterson said the fight against corruption was central to good governance and that he regarded it as a personal responsibility. As such, the Prime Minister stated he would do everything to win the fight.
He said the agencies represented which included the Public Services Commission, Auditor General’s Department and the Contractor General, had the level of authority and public responsibility to assist in dealing with complaints, perceptions of corruption, efficiency in public management relating to cost overruns as well as estimates on contracts awarded. The agencies were therefore mandated to examine their area of responsibility and identify those activities that were in need of strengthening.
Noting that plans were in place to institute a National Investigative Authority, Mr. Patterson said that in the interim agencies should contemplate networking as well as the sharing of information and resources as was necessary. He also pointed to the need for a closer examination of the reporting relationship between government agencies and Permanent Secretaries who have full responsibility for their activities.

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