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Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, has appealed to the citizens of Portmore, not to allow their community to be destroyed by violence.

“Watch the children, protect the children and allow no evil one to get close to the children of Portmore,” Mrs. Simpson Miller urged, as she addressed a civic event on June 28, where she was presented with the Key to the municipality.

The event was part of a week-long celebration marking the municipality’s 10-year anniversary.

“We need to demonstrate love and care,” she said, pointing out that had the community leaders been abused by their parents, they would probably not have been the kind of persons they are today.

She drew reference to four-year-old Natasha Brown of Duanvale in Trelawny, whose decapitated body was retrieved from a 10-foot deep sinkhole in the community in May and pointed out that the child could have been the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the scientist that could have discovered the cure for cancer and other diseases.

“We need to do something and I am encouraging Portmore that as you celebrate, celebrate life, celebrate the children, and celebrate our future,” she said. The Prime Minister urged the adults to protect and guide the children in the right way.

Several cultural pieces performed by the young people drew loud applause from the audience. These included: ‘Mek We Big Up Portia’ by the Waterford High School; a Sign Language piece by the Power of Faith Ministries, and a musical item from the Bridgeport High School Ensemble.

Contact: Andrea Braham

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