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Despite inclement weather conditions, scores of residents of St. Ann turned out on Labour Day, May 24, to work on the parish project, which was the erection of perimeter fencing at the Rhoden Hall Basic School.
The compound of the school, located in the Calderwood Division, was also cleaned and fruit tree planted.
Principal of the school, Gertrude Parkes, told JIS News that she was overjoyed that the school, which is located close to the roadway, was finally being fenced.

Participants painting a section of the Muirton Boys Home in Manchioneal, Portland, which was the Labour Day parish project on Monday May 24.

“I am so glad about a day like today when this school is going to get its protection. In the days, during (recess), I have to sit on a chair in front of the school to protect the kids from running across the street, so I am grateful for the people that have come along to help out by putting up the fence,” Mrs. Parkes said.
Councillor for the Calderwood Division, Vinnette Rob, said that the project was to “show our children that we care”.
“By fencing the school, this will seek to serve as a means of protection for them and enable them to play more safely,” Miss Rob told JIS News, encouraging the residents to take the best care of the facility.
Resident of the Nine Miles community, Rupert Whilby, whose child attends the school, said that the fence will provide protection for the children.
“It was like danger for the children to be so close to the road and there was no fencing to protect them so it was very important for the fencing to be put in place and I must express thanks to all those, who made it possible for it to be put in at this time,” Mr. Whilby said.
Labour Day 2010 was observed under the theme: ‘Our Children. Show them we care’.

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