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Members of the Clarendon College alumni association, in Toronto, recently held their eighth fundraising event to raise funds for the school and its scholarship programme, the C. L. Stewart Scholarship Foundation.

Past student of Clarendon College, Letna Allen-Rowe (right) and her husband, Arnold Rowe, at the recent fund-raising event put on by the Clarendon College Past Students Association, in Toronto, Canada

President of the Past Students Association (PSA), Maureen Barnes-Smith, thanked the patrons for their support, noting that through their contributions, they are effecting change at the school.
“Through your support we are giving back to more than just our alma mater. You are also helping someone gain a valuable asset – a quality education. Involved alumni associations such as ours play a huge role in determining the future and continued development of an institution and the monies we raise go a long way to support deserving students who are short of funds,” she said.
Mrs. Barnes-Smith, who is also the head of Unique Vacations in Canada, said it was imperative to give back to the institutions “where we gained so much more than just an education.”
“This is why we have this organization, to help our school alleviate some of those financial strains in an effort to provide our young people with a high quality education,” she added.
Consul at the Jamaican Consulate General, Nigel Smith, told the gathering that the Government and people of Jamaica appreciate the support of the Canadian group to their alma mater, noting that they are a true reflection of the school’s motto, ‘Perstare et Praestare – Persevere and Excel’.
“This chapter’s support of the C.L. Stewart Scholarship Foundation, which helps those students in need, is not only a worthwhile contribution but one that epitomises your dedication to the growth of this dynamic institution,” said Mr. Smith.
Nestled in the community of Chapelton, the college is the oldest high school in the parish of Clarendon and one whose alumni have contributed much to the development of Jamaica.
Founded in February 1942 by Rev. Lester Davy, with the enrollment of two students, Clarendon College today boasts a student population of more than 1,800 boys and girls, who continue to excel academically and on the sports field.

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