Parents Urged to Guide Children along Progressive Pathways

Parents have been urged to guide their children along progressive pathways, so that they can become successful men and women of the future.
The charge came from Operations Manager of the Santa Cruz branch of the Jamaica National Building Society, Alethia Peart, when she delivered the keynote address at a function to honour Desrene Richards, for serving the Swaby’s Hope Basic School, in Manchester, for 29 years. The function was held at the Swaby’s Hope Shiloh Apostolic Church, on February 22.
Lamenting the cases of children being molested, injured and killed by adults, she said these could be attributed to the limited care and protection that some parents provide for their children.
“Is there any hope for the future? Can we make a difference to a culture that has existed for many years? I say it’s time for us parents to arise and take our children back. It’s time for us to create change today for tomorrow. It is never by chance, factors in life will influence some of the things you do, but good values and morals will always direct behaviour,” Mrs. Peart said.
She pointed out that while poverty could impact the rearing of children, it is no excuse for parents not to guide and direct their children in the development of wholesome attitudes.
“Make them into ladies and gentlemen from they are young, with high moral standards and good principles, always showing respect for self and others, with emphasis on learning. Let them dress appropriately, and let them know that they are children and must behave like children. Do your part in being good parents; you can make the difference in your child’s life, we can make Jamaica a better place,” Mrs. Peart said.

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