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KINGSTON — The initial phase of the Cuba-Jamaica Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) distribution Project, commonly called the Cuban Light Bulb programme, which saw the distribution of over 130,000 CFLs, is now complete.

Thousands of Jamaicans benefited from the energy efficiency strategy being undertaken by Government that allows citizens to lower their personal lightbill, and the country to reduce energy demand.

“What we had initially set out to do has been completed,” said Principal Director (Policy) in the Ministry of Energy and Mining, Oral Rainford.

He told JIS News that public reception to the distribution programme was, impressive. In St. Thomas, nine distribution centers were set up in the eastern and western sections, which gave residents an opportunity to take in their regular high energy consumption incandescent bulbs and have them replaced with fluorescent bulbs donated by Cuba.

“In St. Thomas alone we distributed over 32,000 bulbs. That is over what was projected to be distributed there,” he said. The full project facilitated the distribution of over 2.84 million CFLs, islandwide.

“What is happening now is there is a groundswell [of requests]. We are getting calls from persons in areas outside of those we had attended during this phase, and they are requesting that they be visited,” he pointed out.

The distribution of the fluorescent lamps is anticipated to have a significant impact on the national energy bill, as persons traded in incandescent bulbs, of up to 150 watts, for 14-watt fluorescent lamps which give off as much luminance or ‘light’ as a 60-watt incandescent bulb.



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