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It has been four weeks since Hurricane Ivan ravaged Jamaica, leaving in its wake a severely damaged road network. The National Works Agency (NWA), in addition to being called upon to clear blocked thoroughfares and repair roads, which were broken away, is now required to patch the potholes roads across the island.
“Since the passage of Hurricane Ivan, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of potholes on the nation’s roadways and motorists have been complaining about this, but the Works Agency has a plan in place to address these,” Colin Morrison, Community Relations Officer at the NWA told JIS News.
The NWA’s plan, according to Mr. Morrison, has been to institute a ‘Post-Hurricane Ivan’ spray-patching programme.
“This programme commenced in the Kingston Metropolitan region and will move to St. Mary,” he added.
In Kingston and St. Andrew, the NWA patched Seaward Drive yesterday (October 11) and is currently patching Bay Farm Road. Patching was also started on the Santa Maria to Turnbridge road, and this should be completed by Monday, October 18.
Also in Kingston, the Gordon Town Road will be patched on October 13, while on October 14, the agency will begin patching Conway Drive, which should last three days.
In St. Mary, the NWA has earmarked a number of road sections for patching under this programme. Patching along the Oracabessa to White River road is scheduled to begin on October 19, and should last seven days. The Little Bay to Oracabessa section of road will be patched from October 14 to October 18.
Work commenced on the Trinity to Little Bay road and Trinity to Ballards Valley road on Monday October 11, and should be completed by October 13.
“The Ballards Valley to Martins road should take us five days, and we start that on Thursday, October 14 and it should be completed by Wednesday, October 20. The last section of road that we will be looking at is Martins to Agualta Vale, which should take us seven days to complete. We will start that on Thursday, October 21 and it should be completed by October 29,” Mr. Morrison disclosed.

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