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Colonel’s Cove in Morant Bay, St. Thomas, will be the site of the annual National Prayer Vigil, which this year, will focus on children and the youth.
At a press briefing held today (Dec. 4) at King’s House, the National Prayer Vigil Committee provided details of the event, which will be held on Sunday, December 14, beginning at 6:00 pm. It will be hosted by the St. Thomas Ministers Fraternal.
“We are going to have a special time of prayer for (the children) and calling attention to our concerns for our children and youth at this time,” said Chairman of the Committee, Reverend Dr. Roy Henry.
He informed that a special donation of $1.6 million will be made to the Princess Margaret Hospital in the parish.
Chairman of the St. Thomas Ministers Fraternal, Rev. Bancroft Williams, said that there needs to be a spiritual renewal in communities and “the spiritual must be reflected in the physical components.”
He said that as a church “we have to help our people to realise their full potential. We cannot just be comfortable being in the four walls, but we must be in the forefront of the national development and processes that are taking place in our country.”
“When we pray, we are praying for real change and the need to encourage people in their aspirations to be the best Jamaican individuals they can be,” he added.
Meanwhile, Special Advisor to the Governor-General, Dr. Simon Clarke, in endorsing the event, noted that prayer is a very powerful force in transforming lives.
“It is fitting that the nation should pause and ask for God’s guidance and to pledge that each of us will offer ourselves to be used in a significant way in the transformation of this society. We have to find the means of working together to defeat this great monster of crime and violence that confronts us everyday,” Dr. Clarke said.
The Prayer Vigil programme involves participation from churches, schools, the Government, the Opposition and other groups. It seeks to bring persons from all walks of life together in one place, so as to bring forth the concerns of Jamaica to God and to thank Him for His blessings.

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