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The Ministry of Education’s Region 5, yesterday (Dec. 17), honoured 10 retired educators, who served in various areas of the education system, including at the Ministry.
At the award function, which was held at the Mount St. Joseph Preparatory School in Mandeville, Manchester the honourees were lauded for a combined 41 years of service to education.
President of the Bethel Bible College, the Rev. Dr. Roy Notice, who was the guest speaker at the function, said the retirees have helped to turn around the lives of many “wayward” young people.
“Persons of a different generation have spoken, and will continue to speak of the sterling contribution that you have made. While others abandoned the teaching profession for other lucrative and less challenging professions, and for the fact that you stayed until retirement, you must be commended,” Dr. Notice stated.
Former Regional Director of the Ministry of Education, Rev. Reuben Gray, who spoke on behalf of the honourees, said he was humbled by the recognition.
“Over the years, while doing our work, we had good and bad times, but we take this honour as part of the Ministry’s appreciation of our stewardship,” Rev. Gray stated.
“We had a team effort at the Ministry while we were there, and it helped tremendously in what we achieved. Today, I can say that the right people, with good management skills are manning the system, and good will come from your work,” he stated.

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