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As it seeks to increase awareness of the importance immunisation, the Manchester Health Department, yesterday (April 24) launched Immunisation Week.
The launch involved a march through the town of Mandeville, and a brief ceremony held at the Mandeville Park.
Senior Public Health Nurse for the parish, Dalcie Stevenson, told JIS News that the event was to ensure that parents are reminded of their responsibilities under the law to get their children immunised. She explained some of the activities for the Week.
“We will be going to different communities for the entire week, where the entire parish will be covered through house visits and mini mass. And it is our resolve to reach as many children 0-7 age group,” she outlined.
The Senior Public Health Nurse made a special plea to parents, stating, “it is your responsibility to see that your children are immunised. This week take them to the nearest health centre or a private doctor and have them immunised. Immunisation is everybody’s business- it leads to good health. Please bring your children out it will improve the coverage in the parish and we want to have a healthy nation.”
Meanwhile, in her address, Medical Officer of Health for Manchester, Dr. Beverley Wright, said immunisation is one of the best gifts children can receive during Child Month.
“Remember that you are here today because you have been protected from many diseases, and part of loving our children is to protect them. So, look at immunisation as a protection of your children,” she stated.
Immunisation Week is observed each year from April 25 to May 1.

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