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Cabinet will consider a comprehensive redevelopment plan for Spanish Town and for the area to be declared a redevelopment area. The Prime Minister requested that the proposal for government financing for the redevelopment plan be prepared before year-end for the consideration of Cabinet early next year. Funding is not expected to come from the Consolidated Fund but from various entities whether in the form of equity, assets, technical services or cash.
Mr. Patterson made the request after the Spanish Town Redevelopment Committee (SPARCOM) presented a plan for the redevelopment of Spanish Town to him this morning (December 13, 2005) at Jamaica House.
Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Aubyn Hill said that local and overseas interests were keen on investing in the project. The redevelopment plan includes a new civic center and international trade zone, historic square and commercial center and courthouse. The plan is part of a broader plan to link Port Royal, Kingston and Spanish Town.
SPARCOM was established to implement the gentrification of Spanish Town and to develop programmes to ensure the redevelopment of the first Capital in an orderly way. It will bring private and public sector as well as international investors into a partnership to execute the programme.
The redevelopment of Spanish Town, which is now closer to reality because of Highway 2000, will help to eliminate blight, create jobs, reduce crime and create viable businesses.

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