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The rehabilitation of the Llandewey community centre in St. Thomas, which was extensively damaged during Hurricane Ivan last September, has been selected as the parish project for National Labour Day 2005. Luther Cummings, Social Development Commission (SDC) Field Services Manager, told JIS News that the decision was taken to repair the centre to accommodate students from the Bethesda All-age School, which was recently destroyed by fire.
The more than 200 students are being housed in a church but the facilities are inadequate to accommodate them. “We figured this would be a very fitting project and that the centre would be adequate to have the students, and they would be a little more comfortable until the school was rebuilt,” Mr. Cummings noted.
He informed that the work was estimated to cost some $216,000 and would include the replacement of the roof, renovation of the sanitary conveniences, and the installation of windows and doors.
Financing of the project will be undertaken by the Parish Labour Day Committee and the business community, and according to Mr. Cummings, over 100 letters have been sent to business entities seeking funds.
“We have received commitments from the business community. We have received commitment from the Member of Parliament, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, and a number of business persons are giving in kind,” he said, adding that a company had already donated paintbrushes, paint and drums for garbage collection.
The rehabilitation of the Llandewey community centre is among 65 projects registered in St. Thomas for Labour Day. Other activities include the refurbishing of basic schools, beautification works, cleaning of drains and gullies, repairs to bus sheds and roads.
Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings told JIS News that the SDC would be sensitizing communities about the Labour Day activities and has invited community leaders to the Labour Day Committee meetings, so that they could be informed of projects in their districts.
National Labour Day 2005 will be observed on Monday, May 23 under the theme: ‘Prepare for Disaster: Recover Faster’. The aim is to encourage persons to put disaster preparedness measures in place.
Activities in St. Thomas will kick off on Sunday, May 22 with a church service at the Llandewey Baptist Church starting at 10:00 a.m.

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