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    To shed some light on reasons why the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has applied for a tariff increase, a public forum was held at the Old Port Antonio Marina, on April 15, sponsored by the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR).
    The forum was addressed by Damien Obligio and Dan Theoc, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Finance at the company, respectively.
    In making the major presentation, Mr. Theoc said a rate increase for the JPS is of critical importance if the company is to be able to continue the programme of improvement and upgrading it has been carrying out, in order to better serve its customers.
    Noting that the programme includes the upgrading of offices and call centres, he said the company has also spent a significant amount of money to modernise its electricity generation by providing additional mega watts to make it more efficient.
    Pointing out that this initiative has brought significant gains to customers, Mr. Theoc said the company has also significantly improved its capabilities, in terms of its response to hurricanes, adding that it also spends upwards of $20 million a year, in support of social and economic development in the country. In addition, he said the JPS has invested heavily in education and sports through various projects and programmes.
    He noted that a rate increase would enable the company to provide an improved supply of electricity, allow the company to become more efficient, and assist in the implementation of an intermediate capacity expansion programme by the company.

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