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The Jericho community in Hanover on Sunday (Aug. 5) paid tribute to its community builders at a special recognition dinner held at the Tryall Club in Sandy Bay.

Some 52 senior citizens from the area were feted and entertained for their contribution to the development of the area at the function organised by the Jericho Reunion Committee.

Secretary of the Jericho Reunion Committee, Glenda Miller, described the honourees as “blooming flowers”, noting that the group was honoured to recognise those who had done well for the community.

Chairman of the group, Ansel Brown, said it was important to recognise the contribution of the stalwarts, while they are still alive. “We refuse to wait until they die and then we attend wakes. No, we can’t wait for that time… they must understand…that we love them all and we appreciate what they have done for us. Senior citizens, we could not have made it without you,” Mr. Brown said.

Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Donna Marie-Rowe, in a speech delivered by Information Officer at the JIS, Glenis Rose, lauded the effort of the Hanover group.

She said that reaching out and giving thanks “is a commendable tribute to our senior citizens, many of whom in their own simple ways are unsung heroes. They have given of their productive best to rearing families, satisfying the needs of others and building community spirit, community pride and identity."

Mrs. Rowe encouraged other communities to stage similar events to show appreciation to its seniors.

“The effort to contribute to the wellbeing and welfare of senior citizens that this event represents deserves to be replicated across communities. It has been said that the maturity of a nation can be judged by its care and support for its children and the elderly. This responsibility is not just the business of government and the political representatives; it must become everybody’s business,” she stated.

Sebert Forbes, who spoke on behalf of the honourees, expressed gratitude to the organisers, noting that they were delighted to be recognised.

"I feel happy about it, and I hope I might live again to see this very function. I wish for a very good Jamaica, and a very good Hanover," he stated.

Also addressing the function was Parish Organiser for the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC), Denise Shaw.

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