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An additional 107 soldiers have been added to the complement of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).
At the graduation ceremony, held recently at the Moneague Training Camp, in St. Ann, Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan, said the need for more army personnel and more police personnel “is absolutely critical to us at this time.”
“As you know, the crime situation in Jamaica is something that is most unacceptable and therefore we need to get both our Police Force and the Jamaica Defence Force up to full establishment,” Colonel MacMillan said.
“The crime situation is something that can be overcome, but it is only going to be overcome when you all work closely with the people of Jamaica,” he added.
The Minister congratulated the new members of the JDF for completing their training satisfactorily, and urged them to serve the country well and go about their duties in a professional manner.
Meanwhile, graduate Richard Stewart told JIS News, that he was feeling very proud to be a part of the JDF family.
“I’ve always wanted to achieve something special in life and I thought that taking the route of the JDF would give me that chance,” Private Stewart said, adding that it was overwhelming to know that he was also awarded a prize for ‘Best Shot.’
Seventeen year-old George Fisher received an award for ‘Best Recruit.’ He told JIS News that the training was somewhat challenging, but it was worth it in the end.
“From I was a child growing up, I always said that I want to be in the army. I am 17 years old and it feels great to be the best recruit out of 107 recruits,” Private Fisher said.
He encouraged young people to aim high in life and to be positive in their thinking, if they intended to achieve their goals.

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