JIS News

After a two-year break, the acclaimed local publication, The Jamaica Journal is set to be re-launched on April 1 at the Jamaica Library Service in Kingston.
Produced by the Institute of Jamaica, this latest volume features articles of an expository nature, examining educational and innovative research areas such as Life and History, the Arts, Science, Technology and Literature.
In keeping with the Institute’s mandate “For the Encouragement of Literature, Science and Art in Jamaica”, the Jamaica Journal appeals to a wide range of interests, satisfying both academia and the general public.
Dr. Kim Robinson-Walcott, Editor of the Journal, said that in the 37 years of its existence, the publication has established itself as one of the most effective tools of recording and transmitting Jamaica’s culture.
The new magazine features cultural icons including the celebrated Jamaican writer and performer, the Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley and the legendary Bob Marley.
Finance Minister, the Hon. Dr. Omar Davies’ contribution titled “The Wailers: Giving Thanks and Praise,” examines the impact of the creative output of this group and highlights songs recorded in “giving thanks and praise to the Almighty”.
It also brings to the fore their ingenuity in recording adaptations of original works (some secular), into songs of praise. Bob Marley’s conversion of Elvis Presley’s “Crying in the Chapel” to “Selassie is the Chapel” was one interesting composition noted.
The Journal also features Professor Carolyn Cooper’s controversial view of the flamboyantly exhibitionist DJ, Marion ‘Lady Saw’ Hall in the article “Lady Saw Cuts Loose, Female Fertility Rituals in the Dancehall”. Female sexuality and the “assertion of female power” in the Jamaican Dancehall is highlighted and compared to female fertility figures in the African culture. This volume also includes Anthony R.D. Porter’s article, “Port Royal: Its Geological Heritage”.
The publication will be issued in two volumes on a yearly basis, with the first slated to hit store shelves soon after the official re-launch.