Preparing First Timers for School

Your child may be suffering from anxieties about going to school for the first time. Preparing your child (and yourself) for these changes is important to ensuring a less traumatic separation.

Speak about school in a positive way and introduce it as a fun time for making friends and being on a larger playground.

Help your child to prepare before the school year starts by establishing a routine – getting to bed on time, familiarising him with school supplies, workbooks, textbooks, etc.

Teach your child his home address and telephone number. Write these details in his bag, lunch packs and shoes, etc.

Encourage your child to have a reasonable expectation for each day, bearing in mind their ability. Teach him something or say something positive about his school everyday.

Pack Lunch for Your Child

Get into the habit of making lunch for your child to ensure that he receives a balanced and healthier meal. Let him/her help to choose items for his lunch. This way the child will be excited about preparing for school.

Arrange for Medical Examinations

Medical examinations are compulsory prior to the new academic year. Ensure that your child is ready.

Update your child’s ID i.e. vaccinations or immunizations, etc.

A hearing examination may prove to be the difference in your child’s behaviour and development.

An eye examination is also very important as undetected vision problems could thwart his success.

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