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The House of Representatives yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 16) paid tribute to late former Minister of Agriculture and former Chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Dr. Percival Broderick.
Dr. Broderick, who served as Member of Parliament for North Clarendon from 1972-1989 and Senator from 1993-1997, was lauded by Prime Minister P. J. Patterson, for his contribution to the nation and to politics. “With his passing, we are seeing that a chapter of political leadership and service is beginning to come to an end,” the Prime Minister remarked.
He noted that Mr. Broderick would be missed not only as a fellow politician but also as a personal friend with whom he had been associated long before either of their political careers had began.
The Prime Minister said Dr. Broderick was “from the very start, a person of strong views (who was) prepared to defend his beliefs and those whom he held in high regard vigorously.” He also lauded the former Agricultural Minister for his work in the development of the sector, in particular, his “constant and unabated passion” for small farmers.
Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke, also noted Dr. Broderick’s strong commitment to the sector and said that the country’s farmers would always be in gratitude to him. “Agriculture will remember him for the contributions he made,” Mr. Clarke stated.
In his remarks, Opposition Spokesman on Finance Audley Shaw, said that Dr. Broderick was a “versatile and indefatigable performer” evidenced in the many positions he held. He noted that the late politician had left an indelible mark of hard work and efficiency, which would be missed.Dr. Broderick died on November 12 at the age of 67 after a long illness.
At the time of his passing, he was the JLP’s Deputy General Secretary and Chairman of the party’s campaign committee. A trained dentist, who later became a farmer, Dr. Broderick first served the JLP on its central executive.
Final respects will be paid to Dr. Broderick at an official funeral to be held at the St. Andrew Parish church in Kingston at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday,November 23.

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