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Minister of Health, Horace Dalley, has said that the country’s health sector would be on high alert to guard against any outbreak of diseases during the staging of the ICC Cricket World Cup next year.
Minister Dalley, who was addressing the 60th annual conference of the Jamaica Association of Public Health Inspectors on Thursday (Oct. 26) in Montego Bay, noted that visitors from several parts of the world were expected in the island for the event, which could lead to the spread of communicable diseases.
“Any passenger travelling from some parts of the world can carry certain diseases to Jamaica that can cause you tremendous problems in your country”, he pointed out.
According to the Health Minister, “we have to safeguard our health standard, and that is one thing we are not going to compromise so whatever we have to do, public health inspectors, the environmental health officers, the nurses, our doctors, all the persons, who are working in the field of health, we have to make sure that all ports are properly monitored, and .that we have the standard maintained”.
He gave the assurance that the Jamaican government was “doing everything possible in its powers to ensure that the public is protected when the expected thousands of persons visit the country for the world cup”.
Meanwhile, Mr. Dalley commended the public health inspectors for their contribution to the health sector. “In fact, our health record is the envy of many countries our size,” he stated.