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The Government remains resolute in ensuring that equitable trading practices are observed by all members of the manufacturing sector, both locally and internationally.

This was stated by Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton, during an interview on the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) television programme, ‘Issues and Answers’.

“We have to ensure that our trading partners play honestly, and that unfair trading practices do not undermine viable business models,” the Minister said.

Mr. Hylton said the Government will continue to work with the sector to ensure that they remain viable.

“We have a global marketplace in which we must be integrated, but we aim to demonstrate that in this process of integration we will work closely to (come up) with strategies that will give the businesses assurance that Government will work with them through a variety of different measures,” he said.

In the meantime, he said the Government will be implementing measures to ensure that Jamaica’s ranking on the World Bank’s Doing Business Report is improved.

He emphasised that this is vital, as it (the report) is oftentimes used as a tool to guide potential and existing investors, adding that measures are also being looked at to ensure that the mandate of the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is achieved.

“We are undertaking a re-organisation exercise at JAMPRO at the moment.  We will have a new President shortly, and we will have new thinking introduced into the organisation,” the Minister said.

JAMPRO was established in 1988 to stimulate, facilitate, and promote the development of trade and industry, and export and investment activities in all sectors of the island’s economy.

The agency drives this process through focus on a number of targeted sectors, which include the creative industries (film, music and entertainment), manufacturing, tourism, agri-business, information and communication technology, mining, and professional services.


By Chris Patterson, JIS Reporter

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