Waterhouse Residents Rebuild Home of Senior Citizen

Photo: JIS Photographer Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, and Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Western, Hon Anthony Hylton, assists mason, Odelie Wright, as they participate in the re-building of the home of an elderly resident of the Waterhouse community, during Labour Day activity today (May 23).

Scores of residents from the community of Waterhouse, St. Andrew, on Thursday, May 23, volunteered their time to the re-building of the home of one of its elderly members.

The project, which got underway earlier this week, includes the construction of a one-bedroom house with kitchen and bathroom, to replace the original structure that was partially destroyed by fire in April of this year.

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, and Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Western, Hon. Anthony Hylton, who participated in the workday, commended the level of volunteerism from the community.

“I think what you see here is a demonstration of the recognition by the community of the service given by this particular person. So, this is recognition and a thank you for the years of service to the community,” Mr. Hylton told JIS News.

Councillor for the Waterhouse Division, Byron Clarke, who was out early, also expressed pleasure at the turnout of residents to support a community member, “who has given more than three scores of service to this community and its environs.”

The Councillor informed that utilities such as water and light will be connected upon completion.

Community member, Coleen McIntyre, said that she was feeling “very good” that something was being done to help the elderly citizen.

“I know the lady very well…. we don’t like (to see our seniors) living in a deplorable condition so we just trying to help,” Miss McIntyre said.

Minister Hylton, in the meantime, underscored the importance of volunteerism as the country celebrates Labour Day under the theme ‘Lend a Hand… Build our Land’.

“It is extremely important as it’s a dying thing and no country, no community can be built exclusively on market forces. Persons must be willing to assist and particularly as regard to community projects, so volunteerism is an important part of nation building and this day, I think, the community and the constituency are responding well to the need to give voluntary service,” Mr. Hylton said.

National Labour Day and Workers’ Week activities are being spearheaded by the Ministries of Youth and Culture; Local Government and Community Development; and Labour and Social Security.

The national spotlight for Labour Day 2013 will be on the St. Mary Infirmary in Port Maria.

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