Ministry of Justice

Head Minister Email:
  • Permanent Secretary: Mrs. Sancia Bennett Templer |
  • Website:
  • Ministry Email:
  • Address and Contact:

    61 Constant Spring Road
    Commerce Gate, Kingston 10
    Tel: 876-906-4923-31/876-279-8199
    Fax: 876-906-4983/876-906-1712

    Attorney General:
    Mrs. Marlene Malahoo Forte QC, JP, MP

    Address: 2nd Floor, North Tower, NCB Towers, 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5
    Tel: 876-906-4908 –31; 876-906-2414-6


The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) administers and delivers justice services, as well as provides policy support and analysis on justice issues. The ministry is mandated to ensure that Jamaica is a just and law-abiding society with an accessible, efficient and fair system of justice for all; to promote respect for rights and freedoms, the Rule of Law and the Constitution; and to promote an awareness of individual responsibilities and civil obligations. This mandate is to be achieved through:

  • Protecting the constitutional rights of citizens
  • Maintaining the independence of the judiciary
  • Reinforcing confidence in the Legal Institutions
  • Carrying out law reform to effect greater social justice
  • Providing means of redress when people are abused by organs of the state
  • Carrying out legal directives ordered by the courts for the protection of society
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