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Minister of Health, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, on Friday February 18 officially opened the upgraded Frankfield Health Centre in Clarendon, which will serve residents in some 78 communities.

The facility, which now has additional staff, was completed at a cost of $7.5 million under the National Health Fund’s (NHF) Health Centre Rehabilitation Programme.

The scope of work included expansion of the waiting area, and improvements to the docket  and examination rooms,  the offices of the public health nurse and public health inspector, the pharmacy, and patient and staff rest rooms. 

Addressing the opening ceremony, Minister Spencer said the upgrading work done at Frankfield was part of a larger project being undertaken by the Ministry to rehabilitate health centres across the island, to strengthen the delivery of primary health care. He informed that 46 health centres were rehabilitated over the last two years.

“The Government is of the firm belief that the Jamaican people must have unrestricted access to quality and basic health services in their communities. The elderly, in particular, should not be left to travel long distances to access basic healthcare,” the Minister stated.

He informed that as part of the upgrading programme, adequate staff will be put in place “so that the people of Jamaica will always (have) a doctor or a nurse or other critical health worker available to deliver the services to them. We will employ more doctors to work in our health centres and there will be meaningful incentives available to our workers to encourage them to go to underserved areas,” he said.

Minister Spencer urged the residents to protect the facility, noting that it belongs to them. “This is your health centre; it is your responsibility to take care of it. You must protect it…it is an investment in you and you can’t afford to squander it,” he stated.

The Frankfield Health Centrewas also re-roofed and repainted, with new windows, doors and cupboards installed. The electric system was upgraded and the property fenced and paved.



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