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Real Estate Education Being Enhanced

By: , March 23, 2023
Real Estate Education Being Enhanced
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Principal of the Real Estate Training Institute (RETI), Dr. Tina Beale.

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Undertaking the mammoth task of leading the transformation of the Real Estate Training Institute (RETI), newly appointed Principal, Dr. Tina Beale, is determined to enhance the quality of real estate education in Jamaica.

Guided by the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusivity, she wants an organisation with real estate practitioners who are more adaptable and flexible.

Dr. Beale took the bull by the horn in January, working alongside a team that is equally motivated, to have the Real Estate Board (REB)-owned RETI become a higher-learning institution.

“I always wanted to ensure that persons who are trained in real estate in Jamaica are on equal status as persons from a developed country… and this role gives me an opportunity to do that for a wide cadre of individuals in the industry,” she said, in an interview with JIS News.

The primary goal is to equip future and practising industry professionals with internationally accepted training, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom (UK).

Currently, RETI provides pre-licensing courses and continuing professional development training for persons licensed to practise in the real estate industry.

At the end of the transformation process, a suite of exciting and advanced courses will be added to the current list. These are intended to enhance the quality of services provided by salesmen, developers and dealers.

Dr. Beale said the venture has not been an easy feat. However, looking back on her experience in the classroom, she has found clues to help navigate the challenges.

Collectively, she has taught real estate education for more than 13 years at various institutions, such as the Vocational Training Development Institute, University of Technology Jamaica, and Henley Business School in the UK.

“Normally, in academia we are not really involved in policymaking, but in this position I have the best of both worlds. [I] plan to play an integral role in shaping real estate education through RETI and being a part of the policymaking process to ensure that the quality of our products is good. We want our practitioners [to be] in good stead and… to enhance themselves, because this means the Jamaican citizenry will get high-quality products and services,” she said.

One of the tasks that will be undertaken to guarantee this is the examination of the governance and quality assurance mechanisms underpinning RETI.

Supplementary policies and regulations that reinforce the Real Estate (Dealers and Developers) Act are likely to follow the analysis. This is to ensure that all changes are made in accordance with the law and closely align to the REB’s overall goal and mandate.
“When you are doing a transformation there are things that you are going to learn as you go along,” Dr. Beale noted.

“Our key focus, in addition to quality assurance, is ensuring that what we develop, not only makes our licensees and those persons entering the market adaptable and flexible but also the wider institution of the REB. So, we are able to pivot as we acquire new knowledge,” she continued.

The Principal hopes that the transformation will make the training institution become more attractive.

She is also positive that more persons will enter the industry, especially since it bears several perks, such as meeting new people and helping others through one of life’s biggest milestones, that of acquiring a house.

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