JIS News

Come January 2018, the Eltham High School is expected to open its new classroom block, which is currently under construction at a cost of $75 million.

Interim Principal of the Spanish Town-based school, Ricardo Bennett, said the expansion project will provide much-needed classroom space to better serve the approximately 1,800 students enrolled.

“It gives the students more space. It gives the teachers the opportunity to practise and deliver their lessons in (an environment) that is much more conducive to learning,” he told JIS News.

President of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), Orville Warren, thanked the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, for undertaking the expansion works and urged students to take care of the facility when it is completed.

“Take care of your space, own the school,” he said, noting that the PTA will be there to provide support.

Meanwhile, the Interim Principal noted that the school recently entered into a partnership with the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) to boost its Career Advancement Programme (CAP).

He said that move will ensure that students leave the institution with technical qualifications for the job market.