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MANDEVILLE — Sixty early childhood educators from the parishes of Clarendon and Manchester were, on Teacher’s Day (May 4), honoured by the bauxite and alumina company Jamalco, for their invaluable contribution to the education sector.

At the function held at the Halse Hall Great House in Clarendon, the teachers were presented with plaques and gift packages in recognition of up to 40 years of service in the classroom and wider community.

“Apart from just staying in the classrooms, they contribute and give voluntary service to the communities that they serve,” said Community Relations Officer at Jamalco, Natalee Irving.

Managing Director of the company, Jerome Maxwell, in commending the teachers, said they play a key role in molding young minds. “We recognise the importance of this area of education and that is why we put so much emphasis on it. That is why we sponsor the basic schools in areas where we operate, and as we recognise you on Teachers' Day, I say ‘thank you’, to each and every one of you, for what you have done and continue to do for the children of this parish,” he said.

President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA), Nadine Molloy-Young, who delivered the keynote address, lauded the educators for the attention paid to children in their care. She implored them to continue to serve with love.

“The majority, who are doing the right thing, we need to do it in such an outstanding way that we drown out those persons, who are not doing it right. Focus on being caring; you must believe in your children,” she said.

Principal of the Clarendon-based Mocho Road Basic School, Flandria Scott, who spoke on behalf of the honourees, thanked Jamalco for the recognition, noting that “you give us reason to go forward."

Turning to the standards and regulations for the early childhood sector, Ms. Scott said with the help of stakeholders “we are adapting and re-engaging to meet the requirements that are set out by the Early Childhood Commission."



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