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A contract valued at $83.06 million for the construction of a fishing village complex on the Dyke Road in St. Catherine was officially signed today (February 28), at the offices of the Ministry of Transport and Works.
Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, explained that the construction of the fishing village complex was a continuity of the development of the whole Portmore toll road/causeway complex.
“This is a part that has been outstanding, which relates to the Portmore leg of the Highway 2000 project, and which has necessitated the relocation of the fisher folk previously situated along the original Portmore Causeway,” the Minister said.
The complex will be constructed on a part of the Jamworld property on the Dyke road. The facility is to consist of a vending block, capable of accommodating 36 vendors, storage units for 110 fishermen, and supporting bathroom facilities.
Mr. Henry also informed that the roads and supporting infrastructure for the complex has already been installed and all the “social approaches” have been completed.
“The focus this morning is what has been outstanding, which has been a commitment to ensure that the fisher folk who use where they are now, should be relocated to an appropriate area, which will allow them to enhance their economic viability,” Mr. Henry said.
“I think right now they are not being terms of where the toll road is, and therefore, being relocated on the other side by the Dyke road, will allow easier use by the persons who are their clients,” he added.
The contract has been awarded to M and M Jamaica Limited for the design and construction of the building, inclusive of the vending block, storage units and bathroom facilities.

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