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Entities within the tourism sector are constantly being monitored by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols that have been implemented for the reopening of the sector.

“Generally, we go in unannounced and in a casual fashion, just to discreetly inspect to ensure that the protocols are in place,” said Acting Executive Director, TPDCo, Stephen Edwards.

“What we have found is that, by far and by large, the tourism entities are doing the most that they can to remain in compliance,” he added.

Mr. Edwards, who was a guest on the Ministry of Tourism’s interview programme ‘Tourism One on One’ on Tuesday (September 7), noted that once an entity is deemed compliant, a COVID-19 Compliance Certificate is issued.

“What fits one entity might not fit another. So, it is incumbent upon the staff at TPDCo to inspect the space, identify gaps that may exist and give advice on how they can fill those gaps and become totally COVID-compliant,” he pointed out.

Mr. Edwards further informed that there is also monitoring of entities that are outside the COVID-19 Resilient Corridors.

“In order to ensure compliance, our staff has been monitoring spaces outside of the corridors, as well, to make sure that visitors are not venturing outside and to ensure that the integrity of the corridors is maintained,” he said.

There are three COVID-19 Resilient Corridors – the North Coast from Negril to Port Antonio, the South Coast from Milk River to Negril, and the Kingston Business District (New Kingston and its environs).

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