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In keeping with public health measures to combat the coronavirus, COVID-19, the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is advising passengers, who entered Jamaica on or after March 18, and are in quarantine, to refrain from proceeding to any port to effect the clearance of goods, as this will not be facilitated until their quarantine period has ended.

The Agency is also urging other persons in quarantine, to adhere to the requisite health protocols and guidelines of the quarantine period, as together we seek to effectively combat this pandemic.

Customers who must visit its offices are also being asked to cooperate with security personnel, with respect to using the hand sanitisers (alcohol based) provided by the organisation. Customers may also use their own sanitiser in the presence of security personnel.

The JCA takes this opportunity to encourage customers to utilise its online channels, such as Live Chat and its Customer Relationship and Feedback Platform, located on its website: www.jacustoms.gov.jm, to make queries or to lodge reports. They may also email our Customer Service Representatives at public.relations@jca.gov.jm and quick.response@jca.gov.jm, or telephone 876-922-5140-8.

The Agency remains fully committed to serving our stakeholders and our country.

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