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KINGSTON — Minister of Housing, Environment Water, and Local Government, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, says the construction of sewer systems have to be more stringently monitored, due to their technical nature and the potential for environmental hazard.

Dr. Chang was addressing residents at a public meeting at the Mona Heights community centre in Kingston on Wednesday (November 9). Scores of persons turned out to discuss water and sewer related issues.

Dr. Chang informed residents about major sewerage extension works, which will be undertaken to address the problems being experienced due to on-site disposal in Kingston and St. Andrew (KSA) district.

He explained that, in an effort to maximize the sewage flows generated in the KSA district into the recently commissioned Soapberry Treatment facility, the National Water Commission (NWC) will continue works in the KSA sewerage district on the Mona Road, between Wellington Drive and Gerbera Drive. The second phase will include Hope Road and all roads leading west off this thoroughfare, including Sunflower Way to Palmoral Avenue to its intersection with Spathodia Avenue, continuing to the Garden Boulevard intersection.

The works also include a brief section along Old Hope Road, from an existing sewer manhole at Mona Plaza to St. Margaret’s Church, and side roads such as Ottawa Avenue, Mona Mews and Bonner Pen Lane.

Dr. Chang point out that while the work will cause inconvenience, it has to be done to improve the environment.

"In terms of the Corporate Area, we need extension of sewers, because it not only improves the value of land, there are some areas where we have to decide on zoning (and) sewer collection is important to the environmental and planning process,” he stated.

The main objectives of the construction, which costs $53.6 million, are to extend the KSA sewer network to capture additional sewage in the Mona/Liguanea area; increase sewage flows to the Soapberry Plant; reduce the adverse impact of on-site sewage disposal systems in the areas; reduce contamination of groundwater due to retirement of on-site sewage disposal systems; increase the potential for increased sewer network coverage; and increase revenues from sewer charges.

Dr. Chang invited residents to keep abreast of the developments related to the construction of the sewer system. The works will begin in December and carried out over five months.

By Alphea Saunders, JIS Reporter