JIS News

A 25-member medical team from the renown Hospital for Sick Children in Canada will arrive in Jamaica tomorrow for a five-day medical mission.
The team, dubbed ‘No Boundaries,’ comprises surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, dentists, and dental assistants. They will be working out of the St. Joseph’s Hospital in Kingston where they will provide medical care to needy young patients. This is the team’s fifth mission to Jamaica.
Located downtown Toronto, the Sick Children Hospital is a research and teaching facility, which is known for providing world-class medical treatment for children in Canada and other parts of the world. The hospital’s International Patient Programme (IPP) takes care of foreign patients and acts as the first point of contact for them and their families. For those who cannot afford the cost of treatment, the hospital has a charitable arm called the Herbie Fund, which brings children to Canada for life-saving treatment.
According to the hospital, approximately 45 Jamaican children have been treated through the financial assistance provided by the Herbie Fund.
Earlier this week, the Hospital for Sick Children once again made headlines around the world, after doctors successfully separated seven-month-old conjoined twins from Zimbabwe.