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Some 6,000 residents of Broadleaf, Manchester, are benefitting from a new postal agency, constructed by Jamalco, at a cost of over $800,000.
At a handing over ceremony, held recently in the community, Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Jamaica Post, Gordon Brown, pleaded with the residents to ensure that it is protected.
“This is a fine postal agency.it speaks to the quality of care that Jamalco has for the community. It requires each resident to care for it. These facilities take a lot of funds to construct, and you in Broadleaf have one that can serve for a long time, so enjoy it and secure it,” he urged.
Meanwhile, State Minister in the Ministry of Mining and Telecommunications, Laurence Broderick, urged the residents to be balanced in their dialogue with Jamalco, in protecting their rights and ensuring that development takes place in their community.
“Mining is a challenge in every part of the world, and I want us to have a balanced approach to what the bauxite companies do. The industry is in a survival mode, and we must ensure that community support remains part of the company’s endeavour. This is part of our duty as a Government. We are playing our role, and you as residents in the community, must not respond by blocking roads; use constructive dialogue,” he said.
The building that was used to house the postal agency was rented for over 35 years by a resident of the community.

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