JIS News

Three Jamaican artists are currently exhibiting works at a one-month show titled, ‘Island Muse’, at Dharma Studio in Coconut Grove, Miami. They are Judy Ann McMillan, Jonna Brasch and Colin Garland.
The show, which will last until early April, highlights three distinctive works, each inspired by the beauty and culture of the island.
The repertoire of Colin Garland defies category and details a range of expression. Described as a surrealist, his work is vibrant with colour and combines a spiritual tradition that has impacted the island, according to Director of the Studio, Barbara Hobbs.
Meanwhile, Jonna Brasch works show how the women of Jamaica have impacted the artist. Her paintings could also be described as paying homage to a cross culture influence of the women of her Danish roots and the Jamaican culture. A native of Denmark, Miss Brasch has been living in Jamaica since 1986.
Known for her dynamic work depicting still life, the pieces of Miss McMillan are simple in colour and detail. Her portraits and landscape paintings detail her sense of passion for her native Jamaica and its people.

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