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Work on the new Police Station in Falmouth, Trelawny, is to resume soon, as the adjusted designs have been completed and are being assessed.
Senior Portfolio Manager with the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), Howard Barrett, said that his organisation is committed to completing the facility, which was started some time ago.
Mr. Barrett was speaking at a stakeholders meeting, held in the Trelawny Parish Council Chambers on November 10, at which discussions surrounding the development of the multi-million dollar Cruise Ship Pier and the redevelopment of the town of Falmouth were held.
He explained that the legal work regarding the existing contract has to be completed, and it is anticipated that the physical work on the building will resume in January next year.
Mr. Barrett pointed out that the sewerage treatment facility for the police station would be put in place, in collaboration with the Port Authority, which will be putting in a treatment plant for the new port.
He also cited several other improvement projects for the town, some of which are underway, such as an improved traffic flow system, with the necessary signs in place; the rehabilitation of all the historic monuments in the town; a Civic Centre; improved drainage facilities throughout the town; and Story Boards to be installed at historic sites.
Mr. Barrett pointed out that the improvement works being carried out by the UDC throughout the town of Falmouth is being done in collaboration with the Trelawny Parish Council and other agencies. He said that both cosmetic and structural improvements will be undertaken.

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