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Work began today (February 6), on the two fordings located at 11 Miles in Bull Bay, St. Thomas. The work is budgeted at some $4.5 million.
“It is expected that the project will be completed within 50 working days,” Community Relations Officer at the National Works Agency (NWA), Colin Morrison told JIS News in an interview.
He pointed out that one of the fordings would be repaired, while the other would be replaced.
Work at the sites will include excavation, the laying and compacting of shingles, the laying of reinforced concrete slabs and the patching of potholes along the roadway. The contract has been awarded to Pavement and Structures Limited.
Mr. Morrison said that work would be carried out in phases, so as not to affect the flow of traffic during the operation.
“Each ford will be divided into four sections and while work is in progress on one section, water will be channeled to the opposite side of the ford. When this is completed, work will proceed on the adjacent section,” he explained, adding that work would proceed in this manner until all sections are completed.
Additionally, Mr. Morrison pointed out that flagmen and other traffic control measures would be put in place to control the movement of traffic while construction was in progress.

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