Water Supply Systems to be Improved and Implemented in Rural Parishes

A sum of $482.5 million has been allocated for the implementation and improvement of water supply systems in rural parishes, under the National Water Commission (NWC) Rural Water Supply Programme.
This provision has been made in the 2007/08 Estimates of Expenditure, tabled in the House of Representatives on March 29 by Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Omar Davies.
Of that amount, $300 million has been allotted toward the implementation of water supply schemes in major rural communities. Some $92.5 million has been allocated for the completion of the Darliston Water Supply Project, while $90 million has been apportioned to the Rapid Response Water Project, which was established to deal specifically with problems resulting from the shortage of potable water in some rural communities.
The total sum allotted to the rural water programme will seek to investigate the water supply needs of rural townships and districts; plan, design, construct and upgrade major and minor water supply schemes for the benefit of rural villagers, and produce bulk water for sale as the need arises.
The parishes to benefit from the $300 million allocation are St. Catherine, to comprise areas such as Johns Groin, Lucky Valley and Waugh Hill; Clarendon, to include the communities of Kellits and James Hill; Hanover, to include East and West Hanover; and Portland, to include the areas of Fruit Vale, Islington and Buff Bay.
Other parishes that will benefit are St. Thomas, to include the communities of Hillfixy and Wilmington; St. Andrew, to comprise Dublin Castle; St. Mary, to comprise South East St. Mary; Manchester to include Coffee Road and St. Ann to comprise the Cascade Water Supply Project.

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