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Work on the multi-million dollar Washington Boulevard Improvement Project in St. Andrew, is slated to commence in November.
In his 2009/10 Sectoral Debate presentation in Parliament on September 16, Transport and Works Minister, Hon. Michael Henry, informed that the project, to be undertaken at a cost of US$23.3 million, will incorporate the eastern corridor of Washington Boulevard, from the Molynes Road intersection to Constant Spring Road, incorporating Dunrobin Avenue.
The works, being financed by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), will entail widening of the 2.75 km roadway from two to six lanes; reconstruction of existing pavements; construction of sidewalks, kerbs, and drainage systems; building of a major overpass and two bridge structures, spanning gullies; installation of traffic signal systems and the laying of a 1.6 km water line.
The development also includes the provision of engineering construction supervision services; implementation of a vehicle weight enforcement programme; and procurement of traffic management equipment.
According to Mr. Henry, all 37 parcels of land along the corridor, which were needed for the work to proceed, have been acquired.
Meanwhile, the design for the Port Royal Street Revetment Project in downtown Kingston has been prepared and submitted to the CDB, for the requisite funding to be provided.
Under the project, rock revetment works will be carried out from the Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) to the Rae Town fishing village to protect the corridor, which carries a considerable volume of traffic, varying between 12,000 and 42,000 trips per day, and provides a vital link between East Kingston and St. Thomas. The undertaking is expected to cost US$4.5 million.
Mr. Henry also informed that arrangements are being finalised to secure additional funding from the CDB for the entire Palisadoes Peninsula project in Kingston.
He informed that some $139.6 million, previously secured, was used to undertake 1,346 km of emergency rock revetment work along that corridor. Details of the negotiations for the additional funds, the Minister advised, will be provided at a later date.

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