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Minister with responsibility for Information, Telecommunications and Special Projects, Hon. Daryl Vaz, says he is confident that the Government and the Media Association of Jamaica (MAJ) will resolve the issue of the distribution of Government air-time in the privately owned media.
“I’m pleased to indicate that, as early as yesterday, meetings (have) continued.I’m confident that we are getting to the point of an understanding,” Mr. Vaz said.
“Basically, what we are trying to do is to utilise it (the time slots) more effectively and efficiently, in order to be able to communicate better with the public at large,” he told journalists attending Wednesday’s (May 12) Post Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House.
The Government is proposing to use the time allotted for daily broadcasts in 13 shorter segments, replacing the 30 and 45 minute blocks on radio and television for years. Already, radio and television programmes produced by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), the Government’s information arm, are being produced in 60-second and five-minute packages, replacing the half hour and 45 minute blocks.
Mr. Vaz said last week that the Government has urgent communication needs based on the times.
“We, therefore, took a decision to break up the time into smaller spots, with increased frequency. This is something that we are totally within our right to do,” he said.

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