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Hundreds of students from secondary and tertiary institutions across Western Jamaica participated in a two-day information fair hosted by the University of the West Indies (UWI) at its Western Jamaica Campus, in Montego Bay from November 27 to 28.
According to Assistant Registrar in the admissions section at the UWI Mona Campus, Marjorie Bolero-Haughton, the fair was aimed at bringing to western Jamaica, what the university offers, in its entirety. She said that all the faculties and campuses of the institution were represented at the fair, with a view to enlightening potential students about the programmes being offered.
“So for the two days we have targeted sixth form students from the high schools, which have sixth forms, (and) we have invited the Community College and Undergrad School, to come in and see what the university has to offer to the people of western Jamaica, and to Jamaica as a whole,” she stated.
Describing the attendance on Friday as much better than that of the previous day, Mrs. Haughton said she was pleased with the overall attendance. She noted that the fair also included a seminar for Guidance Counselors, aimed at assisting them to best prepare their students for studies at the UWI.
“So we talked about our programme offerings, we talked about the application process, applying online, opportunities for study abroad that are available to our students, (and) we had someone from our office of student financing talking to them about scholarships and bursaries that are available to our students,” she said.
“Of course the university prize itself in that we not only look at the academics aspects, but we have an office of student services and development which look at the other softer skills that are needed out in the world of work, and they too are here to showcase to the students what are the benefits of the out of classroom learning activity that are offered at the UWIm,” she stated.
The Assistant Registrar emphasized that the UWI Mona Western Jamaica Campus is “here to stay”, adding that with time, there will be additions to the infrastructure as it now stands.
Meanwhile, several of the students attending the fair told JIS News that by attending the event, they have been more informed about the requirements for attending any campus of the university. Some have expressed the view that the proximity of the Western Jamaica Campus has increased the possibility of their attendance to the UWI.
The UWI Mona Western Jamaica Campus has over 180 registered students in two faculties.

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