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MONTEGO BAY — The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) has continued its quest to keep residents of Trelawny abreast of development plans for the town of Falmouth, through meetings and consultations.

The latest of these meetings was on Thursday April 14, when UDC representatives, led by General Manager, Joy Douglas, made a presentation at the monthly meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council in Falmouth, outlining its development proposals for Parish Council-owned lands in the historic district.

According to the proposal, the development of the Council lands will be integral to the implementation of the Greater Falmouth Redevelopment Plan. This will allow for the preservation of open space, the development of new roads, additional social infrastructure, public transportation centres and other features that will take Falmouth to its overall vision.

With moves afoot for Falmouth to be declared a designated area, Ms. Douglas told the meeting that work is fairly far advanced, adding that the Council will be informed about the steps to be taken on designation, very shortly.

“However, in the interim, particularly given some of the social, economic and infrastructural pressures facing the town, the corporation has decided, in consultation with the Mayor, to pull out some aspects of the development plan that we believe need to be dealt with as a matter of priority, and over which we both would have more control, specifically as it relates to properties that are owned by the Council,” she stated.

She noted that development of the properties will be done in conjunction with the Parish Council, through a joint venture arrangement. She also pointed out that the planned development will bring about the kind of employment and income generating opportunities the people of Trelawny, in general, and Falmouth, in particular, wish to have.

It was also stated that the developments will bring into being, progressive orderly development within the town of Falmouth, while fully capitalising on the potential of the town as a heritage cruise tourism port.

“So we believe that it’s a win win situation, and if the Council does concur, we would then move into the formal process of finalizing the joint venture arrangement,” she stated.

The presentation of the technical proposal by the UDC team was well received by the Parish Council representatives, with general good comments about the plans, while they posed several questions that were addressed by the UDC team.

Some five different areas within the town are earmarked for development under the proposed plan.


By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter