Traffic to Flow Smoothly for Cricket World Cup

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Ealon Powell, has promised a smooth flow of traffic on major roads leading to Sabina Park during the ICC Cricket World Cup, with road blocks, including accidents, to be cleared within 30 minutes.
SSP Powell, who is also Vice Chair for the Transport Sub Committee for the Jamaica Local Organizing Committee (LOC), told JIS News that investigative teams would be located at different police stations across the corporate area to expedite the process quickly.
“We will have wreckers and investigators on spot and all the resources that are necessary to ensure that we can move quickly. Wreckers will be at strategic spots as we do not want to move all of them from the Traffic Control Centre,” he informed.
“We will have one at the Cross Road police station, which is at a central point near all the locations around Sabina Park,” SSP Powell noted.
All activities will be monitored at the Traffic Control Centre based at the Elletson Road Police station. This centre, the SSP said, would gather the information from police sources, the media and any source that supplies information.
“There are also traffic surveillance cameras, which are operational and those will help us in monitoring traffic on some of the busy roads in Kingston,” he explained.
In the meantime, SSP Powell disclosed that on match days, there would be adjustments to traffic lights along the major corridors to ensure that traffic flowed smoothly and congestion eased.
He noted that there would be a restriction on large trucks traversing Mount Diablo and Mount Rosser between the hours 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m on match days. “The police will physically enforce that restriction,” he said.
“We will also be monitoring traffic in the Bog Walk gorge to ensure a freer flow of traffic. There are some persons, who try to abuse the system on the bridge but because we expect a large volume of traffic, we will have full presence there,” he pointed out.

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