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Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica, Dr. Simon Clarke, has called on teachers to help their students develop a sense of dignity, personal worth and respect for self and others, in order to rid the society of “lewdness, rudeness and crudeness.”
Dr. Clarke, who was addressing a recent graduation ceremony at the Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College in Montego Bay, said he knew of no country or society, which has developed socially, economically or politically, that has encouraged a culture of slackness.
“I must confess that a lot of what I see being served up as entertainment today is nothing less than slackness and nastiness … what we do with our bodies in public and the lyrics of much of our popular songs promote a kind of decadent culture and a kind of depravity and slackness, and what is extremely disturbing is the extent to which this culture especially devalues the worth of women and girls,” he stated.
The media, he said, also had a role to play in the process, noting that media organizations needed to act responsibly in the kind of content that they put out and the time of day that they air certain programmes.He noted that under the National Policy on Children, the media was expected to air material that would not injure, exploit or unnecessarily frighten or offend children.
He pointed out however, that some media houses were not complying with the code and new legislation was being recommended that would provide greater penalties for those, who ignored the rules.
Dr. Clarke, who is founding principal of the Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College and retired director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), appealed to the graduate teachers to “help us in a campaign for the return of decency to the air waves and to society”.
“We are asking you to monitor what is being put out by the media, both radio and television. Let the Commission know whether you encounter any material, which you would consider inappropriate for young audiences especially for those whom you teach,” he urged.
He further encouraged the 168 graduate teachers to join in the campaign to rid the country of the negatives by guiding students to pledge to respect all life, reject violence, share with others, preserve the environment, and develop a sense of family and community.
A number of the graduates received awards for academic achievement, with Cathay Buchanan being presented with the coveted Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College Trophy for Excellence.

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